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    Error retrieving markup for element cf_div...........

    userCold9 Level 1



      I have a page contains that contains three tabs.


      The following error message like the one below will appear randomly when the page appears:


      "Error retrieving markup for element cf_div...........  :OK

      [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information]"


      I would like to know how to suppress the error message.


      Below is the code for the first tab:


      <cflayoutarea bindonload="true" closable="false" disabled="false" inithide="false" name="LTCServiceNameEdit"  overflow = "auto"
      selected="true" tabTip="text" title="Service Selection" align="left" >

        <cfinclude template="spltcserviceseditform.cfm">



      Per my research, one of the solutions is below. How would the ColdFusion.setGlobalErrorHandler(handleGError); be placed in the above cflayoutarea?


      function handleGError(s) {    console.log(‘global error called ‘+s); }




      Using Cold Fusion 11, update 3 patch installed.