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    Thoughts / Opinions - Sager


      Would I be ok with this build?  Also using PS and LR.  New to PR and AE.


      Sager NP8658 Notebook


      6th Gen Intel Core i7-6820HK Processor (8mb Smart cache, 2.70ghz)

      15.6 4K QFHD Matte Display with G-Sync Technology 3840x2160

      Nvidia GeForce GTX980M GPU w/8gb GDDR5 Video Memory

      IC Diamond Thermal Compound CPU

      Windows 10 Pro 64b

      48GB DDR4 SDRAM at 2400MHz – 3x 16g

      128gb Sandisk X400 M.2 SSD as an OS Primary Drive

      128gb Sandisk X400 M.2 SSD Slot 2

      1TB Samsung 850 Pro Series SATA3 Solid State Disk Drive

      Intel Dual Band Wireless AC3165

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if you are going to overclock that cpu will be ok. if you want more performance without overclocking you might want to look at the desktop cpu's like the i7-6700. the i7-6700k has even higher clock speeds without overclocking, but also high watts.


          you would have to be using alot of gpu accelerated fx and lumetri color in premiere pro to make use of the gtx 980m. the gtx 970m would be a more reasonable choice for most. the new gtx 1060m should be coming out soon and may be even faster than the 980m. i'm not sure how much those will cost, but they might also help lower prices of the 900 series.


          32gb of memory should be fine. 48gb would only help if you have several programs open at once, each using lots of memory.


          you might consider changing the ssd's to two m.2 250gb 850 evo and 1tb 850 evo. or if you don't need alot of space for active projects you could do one m.2 250gb 850 evo for os/apps and the second m.2 as the 512gb 950 pro for cache/projects/media. then use a 1tb hdd for offloading active projects and storage or an external drive for those things.

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            Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There have been cases in the past where a 4K screen on a laptop make the UI unreadable.

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              patrickp84819993 Level 1

              Thanks for the help. 

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                mikeklar Level 1

                This is not only the case with laptop screens, but also with high resolution desktop monitors at 24 & 27 inch screen size. 

                It would be good if a capability to adjust the UI size were included under the Preferences menu and applicable for all CC applications.

                As noted above this would apply not only to laptops, but also to desktop monitors since not all high resolution monitors are large enough to make the existing UI size easily readable at those resolutions.


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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  i don't have a 4k monitor, so im not sure if the problem still exists or not, but there is a fix if you run into that problem.


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                    mikeklar Level 1

                    Thanks Ronin for the feedback.

                    I'll check it out over the weekend.



                    Updated 14 Aug

                    Spent some time using the recommendations in the link you provided however the results were dissappointing (note; Photoshop cs6 does derive some benefit using the above suggested methods).

                    Then decided to reinvestigate the UI and scaling provided in Bridge and Photoshop's cc 2015.5 .

                    In PS CC 2015, under Edit > Preferences > clicking on "Interface" in that window under "Text" there is a button that allows for UI scaling.

                    Unfortunately, it has only three settings - 100%, 200% and Auto.  The 200% is almost useless unless one is visually impared.  Setting this to Auto seems to help somewhat on a two monitor setup where one monitor is of a lower resolutions than the main monitor.  However, this does not work with Bridge!  Nor can I find any similar settings under the "Preferences" in Premier Pro CC 2015.3.

                    Equipment used:

                    The above test was conducted with a NEC EA244UHD and an EIZO CG211, the NEC monitor is set to a resolution of 2560x1440 and the EIZO to 1600x1200.  Previously, similar observations were with the above NEC monitor set at a resolution of 3840x2160 and a loaner 27 inch EIZO set to its native resolution of 2560x1440 (FYI, although I like the EIZO but it costs almost $400 more than an NEC PA272W which I've decided to buy and will be picking up tomorrow).


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                      mikeklar Level 1

                      Update to Adobe apps UI issue with two monitors of screen resolution of 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 respectively.  In my case both monitors are NEC’s PA272W and EA244UHD. 


                      As stated in my above update posting, Adobe does provide a way of increasing the UI, but it’s clumsy, in that Adobe provides two settings (100% & 200%) and Auto.  The Auto setting doesn’t do much and when the 200% setting is chosen it’s way too large.

                      It would be great if Adobe could provide UI adjustments in 25% increments…


                      The good news, a 27-inch monitor set to 2560x1440 resolution is just large enough to make viewing of all UIs at 100% not totally uncomfortable, but not on a 24-inch monitor even if it is set to the same resolution. 


                      However, Bridge does allow its UIs to be adjusted to 200% and that’s what I’ve set it to.  It looks clumsy, but now I don’t have to use the Magnifier app to be able to make out some of the data when viewd on a 24 inch monitor.