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    Using a "Live Text" or Template Comp in Final Cut Pro 7/X

    DKhab Level 1

      Hey all,


      I've created a template Lower Thirds/Chyron using a Live Text comp. I work for a university and sometimes we have outside vendors produce videos for us. This template is intended to maintain brand and visual guidelines.

      In Premiere Pro, everything works as expected. Using Dynamic Link I can edit the text boxes in the Effects Control panel and the Chyron adjusts accordingly. I should note that the lower thirds is particularly complex (for me at least), as I used expressions to dynamically adjust the size of the solids behind the text so that everything aligns very nicely and more text and lines can be added as needed.


      My questions is if there is any way to make at least some of it work in Final Cut. Obviously, there's no Dynamic Link. Is there any XML file or conversion that's possible without having them manually change it in After Effects and render it out every time? I ask in case I end up working with vendors who use FCP.


      Thank you.