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    HELP! unable to view text typed into TextInput

      I seem unable to view text that I am typing into the TextInput component when I attach it dynamically the second time around. I have a method that attaches the TextInput component. This first time around, it works fine. When I call another method that also attaches an instance of the TextInput component, I am unable to see what I am typing. I can trace out the text value. I can't see the text. I am not doing anything fancy here, just myClip.attachMovie("TextInput", "myInput", this.getNextHighestDepth()). I am not masking the component. There are times when I am attempting to attach a clip that contains the TextInput component. Neither way works the second time the clip is instanciated.
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          Simon Bailey Level 1
          Just a stab in the dark here, are you creating a new instance of the text input clip when you attach it? Or are you loading the movie clip twice with your method, naming them both myInput and then putting them on different levels, in which case I think what is happening is that your second instance goes over the first, but when you type in it, it is putting the text in the hidden field behind the second instance?????

          Try attaching the second time round with a new instance name i.e. myInput2.....Just a guess, I ain't a pro...
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            What I am actually doing is generating a user interface based on which item is picked.

            This code attaches the appropriate clip that contains the appropriate controls, Sliders, Text Input, ColorPickers, etc....When a new item is selected, the "myUIHolder" is removed, then readded with the new appropriate controls.

            This seems to affect all instanciations of the TextInput

            I've been able to duplicate this same issue with just a very simple clip with a 2 buttons that call different movieclips, both containing an instance of the TextInput. So, in response to your suggestion, they all have unique instance names
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              shyaway Level 1
              myUIHolder.attachMovie(uiArray , uiArray, myUIHolder.getNextHighestDepth(), {myObjToEdit:selectedObj, _y:myUIHolder[uiArray[i-1]]._height + myUIHolder[uiArray[i-1]]._y + 10});
              the first param of attachMovie should be an id/linkage of the mc you're attaching, not some kind of array. (unless, of course, you created one and duplicated 100 of times to fill up the dynamic list... you only need one)