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    Cursor and window cut-off problems


      Hello there,


      I've just started using Animate CC but I'm having issues with drawing with the brush tool and how some of the options/descriptions are cut off when you open up a window (e.g. 'Preferences'). It was already like this after installation without changing any settings.


      I've used other adobe products like Photoshop CC and After Effects CC, but no issues like this has ever happened.


      Brush Tool/Cursor: Whenever I try to use a brush, it jumps away. There's no way to make a precise line if I have to keep guessing where it will end up.


      Preference window: When looking into 'Preferences', some of the information has been cut off and there's no way to resize it to show everything. This is happening to other windows in Animate CC.


      I've attached a video to demonstrate the problems I'm having.



      If anyone knows how this can be fixed, please let me know. Thanks!