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    Time To Get Serious of Us PC users

    josephzupko Level 1

      I pay 50 dollars a month to Adobe CC. I think I should be part of the community in beta testing Adobe UX design program. Maybe us PC users of Adobe should drop our subscription to the Adobe CC and see how much of impact we really are. 





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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hey, josephzupko-


          Thanks for your feedback. While you're perfectly welcome to do whatever you want with your Creative Cloud license, I want to reassure you about a couple of things:


          1. We are very serious about Windows. So much, in fact, that we have a large team actively working on nothing else but bringing Experience Design CC on Windows 10. Knowing the people on the team, I will say that these are very smart, very hardworking people who are dedicated to bringing a quality product to you.
          2. If you've read Vincent Hardy's article ("Making Adobe XD - Redefining Beta"), there are three things that define what he calls the "Iron Triangle" of software: quality, scope, and time. Scope is the feature set we want to bring to our Windows customers, and quality (craft and performance) is one of our core values for our product. This means that we will not ship a Preview until we feel that it meets our quality standards. This leaves... time. We've been very open with our commitment to bringing a Windows Preview to you in late 2016, and we are working very hard to meet that goal.


          I'm not sure if you've been involved in our conversations on Twitter, but I do want to reassure you that Windows is an important platform to us as Adobe and to the XD team in particular. I think you'll be happy with XD on Windows when it comes out.


          That being said, we've announced that we're taking applications for our next phase of our private prerelease program. If you're interested in getting early builds of Windows and our mobile clients, please do apply at this link here: Adobe XD Prerelease Application


          I hope you're on board with us as we being our journey on Windows!



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            LMn0P Level 1

            There are five versions of XD Preview for mac out so far.  0.5/0.5.2/0.5.4/0.5.6/0.5.10(confusing 0.5."ten?")


            I thought the first came out before March of this year, but maybe it was just the announcement I remember being much further back.   Since day one it's been saying the PC version is on its way soon, soon, and now "late 2016".  We all get the new version marketing mail and it doesn't tell us it's not for windows yet.  Each time we have to come check.


            Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, you could put all efforts into getting preview version .5 or whatever out for PC before spending efforts releasing any more for Mac.  I mean, if you are going to call it a preview and plan updates each month or so anyway, does it really need to be perfect before you launch the preview?   Stating that you want to get it right first just seems like selling us down the river a bit. I definitely come from the give it to me now generation so please excuse me, I understand what it sounds like. However waiting a year over the other platform for an ever changing net/device related development software you may yourself ditch or find a replacement for in another year seems a little extravagant.  It looks like a great idea anyway.  So did jet packs and flying cars for the last 30 to 50 years for the 5 people that had one.  Meanwhile there are now hoverboards coming to our doorsteps soon that will probably keep me from touching any of this software again anyway when I retire to ride the rest of my time out.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              HI LMn0P-


              I totally understand your frustration. Unfortunately, as nice as it would be to shove all of our engineers on Windows to bring that platform to market, it's not as simple as merely assigning resources from Mac to Windows ad expecting things to work at the same pace. Developing on one platform or another involves the development of expertise, learning to work together as a team, building infrastructure like automation systems, build systems, and much, much more. It's a testament to our team that we make it look so effortless, but it's hard work to bring a quality release to market.


              In addition, throwing a lot of engineers at a single problem begins to introduce a fair bit of process overhead as code has to interact, etc. We do have a large team working on the Windows product, and they're doing amazing work to bring it to the world. I know it seems really pat to say that "it's coming," but I want to reassure you that we're working hard on this, and the project is fully staffed to optimize for releasing as fast as possible at the highest quality possible, while minimizing the overhead of too many cooks in the kitchen.


              So, hang in there, and please do continue chatting with us. I know it seems like a long time to wait, but we're hoping it'll be worth it!



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                DragonBit Studio

                I couldn't agree more, and I promise if Adobe does this again (Mac Version a year! (I know its not quite a year but it's beginning to feel like it) I will cancel my Adobe CC Sub and not come back).


                It's becoming very clear that Adobe truly does not give a **** about the PC market let alone it's users.  Adobe is not an 'Indie' studio, it's not a budget issue, they simply cater to the Mac and iOS crowd first and foremost.  There are other options out there Adobe.

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                  Adobe you have really dropped the ball with those of us that use PC's.  I'm beginning to think that it is a conspiracy between Adobe and Apple to convert more people over to Mac's.

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                    arshorten Adobe Employee



                    I understand your frustration here, but I want to reassure you that we absolutely do care about the PC market and the designers who use Windows-based computers.


                    We're investing significantly in not just bringing XD to Windows, but crafting a Windows 10 experience that takes advantage of the latest OS and hardware capabilities.


                    We hope that when we release it that you'll agree it was worth the wait.



                    Andrew Shorten

                    Director, Product Management, Adobe XD

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                      arshorten Adobe Employee



                      No conspiracy.


                      We picked one platform to develop Adobe XD on first, so that we could determine if we were on the right path to creating a tool that UX designers would love.


                      With the feedback we've received, validating our approach, we're now in the position where we can expand our support to additional platforms, including iOS and Android (for device preview) and Windows 10 (for full authoring).


                      We look forward to bringing Adobe XD to PCs soon.



                      Andrew Shorten

                      Director, Product Management, Adobe

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                        cchalmers Level 1

                        I just really think that you alienated a large portion of your user base (PC users).  We already feel as if Adobe is trying to force us into the Mac world ..... This one is just icing on the cake and confirmation that Mac users are more important to Adobe than PC users.

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                          josephzupko Level 1

                          Us PC users should have a input in the design of UX and hear our suggestions. Like will it support Surface Pro Touch or another Touch computer. I think having a touch UX is important because touch screens is the way of the future in how we use computers, tablets, and mobile.