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    Creative Cloud .lrdata import to LR5


      I'm helping a friend out and editing a few things for her. She uses Adobe Creative Cloud and I use Lightroom 5. I tried to have her export as a catalogue and create smart previews.... but what she sent me was an ".lrdata" file which LR5 wont let me import as a catalogue even after I have un-zipped it.

      When I have done this before (when I was the one sending files) through my LR5 to LR5 user I have two files that produce... a ".lrcat" file and the smart previews file that I would send.


      How can I get the .lrdata file (which I believe now contains both the lrdata and lrcat????) from the Creative Cloud user to import and be usable within LR5 so I can edit the images?