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    Can't get password string from DB in coldfusion 11 but it works well in coldfusion8


      The below shown code works well on CF8. password can get from DB successfully. But it doesn't work on CF11. It can't retrive password from DB. Password is always empty. username and datasource can get from DB. The password stored in DB is displayed as:




      I guess maybe CF11 variable can't store complex/special string? How to save it? I need get password from DB and then decrypt it.


      <cfquery datasource="#XXXX#" name="GetConfig">

      SELECT S.A

      ,IsNull(ds.column_a, '') AS DataSource

      ,IsNull(un.column_a, '') AS Username

      ,IsNull(pw.column_a, '') AS Password

      FROM (SELECT column_a AS A FROM table_a WHERE column_b='xxxx1') s

      LEFT JOIN table_a ds ON ds.column_b='xxxx2'

      LEFT JOIN table_a un ON un.column_b='xxxx3'

      LEFT JOIN table_a pw ON pw.column_b='xxxx4'



      <cfset qDataSource = GetConfig.DataSource />

      <cfset qUsername = GetConfig.Username />

      <cfset qPassword = GetConfig.Password />