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    Where in the world is the GPU rendering mode?!

    Clandesdyne Level 1

      Guys... seriously.  Are you actively trying to kill "Flash"?


      Animate is becoming a bug riddled horror.  And now, My project, that I've been working for YEARS won't run at the proper frame rate.  I'm working at 60fps, but now I'm seeing that the GPU rendering mode isn't available for export. This means my project needs to run at 30fps or less.  THIS MEANS ALL OF MY WORK IS MEANINGLESS!!!  If my project doesn't run properly for the end user, I need to rebuild everything!  If I need to do this, you can sure a hell be sure it's not going to be created in an Adobe product.  I'd rather work in HyperCard, at least I know my executable is going to work as intended.


      Don't do this to me, guys. I've defended you for a long time.  You're making me hate what you've become.