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    What is the future of FLASH? Is it REALLY DEAD as everyone says? [LOCKED - duplicate thread]




      I use flash for my website as I LOVE it..

      We can do sooooo much with flash which i feel no current technology can do!


      & of what i have understood is the only reason Flash isn't praised by the media is because there is a legal battle of interest between Adobe & Apple!

      Apple wants to conquer the market of gamers where Flash rules... & to kill it decided to make the iPad & iPhone non-flash supported platforms!


      Is there another reason (a VALID ONE) which suggest that we shouldn't be using flash anymore??

      A friend told me today that Google's browser Chrome will become Anti-Flash in September 2016 partially & then in December completely!


      Will Adobe do something to fight back?

      Will Adobe give up totally on Flash??


      The thing is my file is made in INDESIGN CC 2015 & i export it in .SWF... (i tried interactive PDF but it messes up ALLLLLLLL my layers when exported!) so can't use it!

      Flash was a great solution for my pop-ups & navigation buttons


      Now it seem the Flash problem has become INCREDIBLY REAL!!!

      SO i need to find a solution ASAP!!! Or I will be in BIG trouble as it will mean all the work i have done since 2 years will go DOWN THE DRAIN!!!

      Will Adobe be releasing a plugin which could convert flash in html5 magically???