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    Timeline playhead moves one frame when navigating out of pre-comp -- why?

    jarombra@gmail.com Level 1

      I understand if the pre-comp has been nudged in the composition that it is nested in, this phenomenon will occur when trying to lineup a keyframe within a pre-comp for example to a frame outside the pre-comp. But I've made sure this particular pre-comp is snapped at 0 in its parent comp, and it is -- not to mention, everything functionally lines up (i.e. a keyframe located at 700 in the pre-comp performs its action at frame 700 outside the pre-comp as well). But when I snap the playhead to that keyframe in the pre-comp for example, and then navigate out to the main composition it is nested in, now the playhead is at 699. Hmm!


      Most likely, I'm missing some obvious After Effects mode of thought, but I'm just confused why my playhead keeps moving to different frame numbers when my pre-comps are all flush with the main composition timeline not to mention everything is visually lining up as it should.


      Thanks forum!