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    .SWF export bug using After Effects CS6, Is this a bug?

    Ryuu Girl

      I have an error in which I want to export my project as a .SWF however when I play them on flash as a test it is just an all white screen. The project is only 10 seconds long, made up of only .PNG files and very little puppeteering, and little over 9 MB.


      Did you check your updates?

      Every minute and every moment of the hour.


      Did you check your .SWF option regarding rasterization?

      I've choose both ignore and raster on 2 different tries and got nothing. I even went lower to see if flattening my artwork would make a difference and it did not.


      Did you export it as .MOV, re-import that specific file and try again?

      I in fact did and even played with the raster options twice and it nothing worked still. It only played 2 seconds of it and went white.


      Did you export it as a .FLV, import it into FLASH, then export it is as a .SWF?

      As much as I hate doing more work than what is required to do yes. Instead I got an all black screen.




      I have tried so many option that even when I try to import the same file on Flash, it crashes without warning. I'm very frustrusted because it's only a 10 second animation, with no audio, no effects, just basic tweening. I read somewhere that they fixed this for CC but CS6 is still experiencing issues, I'd hate to think that Adobe is making sure that CC gets treated better than CS6.