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    AE CC 2015.3 - Comp Viewer Problem!


      Guys, I need your help because I am very frustrated!


      I made the update to CC recently (from CS6) and I postponed using AE CC due to the numerous bugs I found. Being an yearly contract I feel very frustrated that I am forced to pay for it, even if AE has a lot of bugs and slows me down.


      So I am forcing myself to like AE CC 2015 and use it to.  But I am dealing with some serious problems.


      I am working on a project and I want to import a PSD project with some drawings. The problem is that after I am importing these into AE CC the Comp Viewer becomes unresponsive and I don't see anything on the screen.  Attached is a screenshot of the graphic card specs (Radeon R7 370 Series) which works very fine on CS6.


      And here is the video with the problem. Please, any advice would help me. Is it from my graphic card or is a bug form AE?

      AE CC 2015 3 Comp Viewer Bugs - YouTube



      graphic card specs.PNG

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          made the update to CC recently (from CS6) and I postponed using AE CC due to the numerous bugs I found.

          actually the latest release 13.8.1 has fixed many bugs issues. it is faster and if there are specific issues that you are dealing with please share. what ever version you chose to use, just make sure it's the latest of it's release so it has all the bug fixes to the release.


          I have watched your video and we shouldn't call this a bug just yet. I would guess this is a workflow problem on your part. you have a complex, high resolution PSD with many assets that looks like this

          and on import it looks like this:

          the first guess would be that you are opening a different file than the one that's in Ae. I noticed you opened the Psd from the Explorer and not from your Ae project. this could result in opening a different file then you actually imported to Ae - although they have the same name, it could be that it's not the most updated version (Happens to my students all the time - that's how I know). a good practice would be opening the file from Ae to Ps by selecting one of the Psd layers (not Precomps) either from the Project Window or Composition Window and use the keyboard shortcut for Edit Original - Ctrl+E. this will open the exact file in Ps.


          Now, if that is the same file, then I assume the problem is the complexity of you Psd file that has probably masks on folders, Clipping Masks and all sort of elaborate methods or arrangements that are good for Ps, but Ae can't reproduce them exactly the same. if that is that case - I would advise you arrange your Psd file in a simpler arrangement. you should know that if you don't need the layers as separated, then you can merge them, either by rasterization or smart objects. and leave for Ae just the files it needs to animate, as large as it needs them (no more, no less). this will also improve Ae's responsiveness. a good practice is to create a separate file for after effects with just the necessary layers it needs so you will have one file for the design process, and one reduced version for after effects.


          see more in here about how to arrange you Psd files for Ae:

          Import files from Photoshop to After Effects | Adobe After Effects CC tutorials

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