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    Windows 10/ID CS6/screen resolution incompatible?

    Graphic Squirrel Level 1

      I have a weird problem.  Been using the adobe suite software for years and this just started happening when I got a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10. 


      I keep my screen resolution at 125% because I need the larger text, etc.  In Windows 10, I find that Illustrator and Photoshop work well with the 125% resolution, but InDesign is HUGE and blurry.  I have to reduce the screen resolution to 100% to see the items on the screen clearly, but everything else is tiny and I cannot go from one program to another, which I do frequently.  It also means having to change the screen resolution over and over throughout the day.


      My IT guy says ID is behaving correctly while AI and PS aren't, even though they are the ones whose size I prefer. Below is a screen shot of the Character palettes side by side (PS, AI, then ID) at 125%.  The Photoshop and Illustrator versions are clear and easy to read, but the InDesign one is blurry and much too large.  


      Anyone have a problem with this or know a solution to correct it?  I'm not sure why it just started happening other than the change to Windows 10.  Do you think moving to ID CC would help with this issue?  (I know...I'll have to do that eventually, but it means a lot of work with files already saved in ID CS6, so I'm not looking forward to it.)  Thanks for any help anyone can give me!


      adobe 125-2.jpg