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    Excel named range doesn't appear in InDesign Place dialogue box


      We produce a 600 + page catalog with thousands of SKU's and prices. I've named individual (price) cells to place into the InDesign document(s).  I have Import options selected but when I place the file the named cells are not listed.


      I can insert the R1C1 cell identifier, e.g., L21, and it imports fine. But, the point of naming the cells is to make it intuitive what data to select instead of looking up the R1C1 identity. All the forum discussions I've read concur with my methodology but I've had no success.


      I'm using ID CC 2015 and Excel 2010. I've tried saving the Excel file as both .xls and .xlsx format and it makes no difference.


      I would really like to find a solution to this before we go to work on the next edition since manually entering the data is an enormous task. Any ideas out there?