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    Responsive Banner in Animate CC

    nsaneo Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      Can you explain how to use the new ‘make responsive’ feature in Adobe Animate CC?

      We’re trying to make a responsive billboard banner (938x340) which can resize to a rectangle (320x340) in width, but we don’t know how.

      Our responsive questions:
      1. How can we scale elements/movieclips when resizing the browser? For example: make the text in the billboard smaller when you scale it to a rectangle format.
      2. How can we put the movieclip in the center of the stage and scale a bit when resizing the browser? For example: the background image.
      3. How can we keep a movieclip in the corner while resizing the browser? For example: the clients logo

      Articles we found so far:

      Edge Animate to Animate CC: Responsive Scaling and Positioning – In Flagrante Delicto!  The file he provides is scaling the whole canvas instead of several movieclips/elements
      Create HTML5 Canvas documents in Animate CC  Article that explains what the feature can do
      Animate CC 15.2 release (June): Express more with less | Adobe Content Corner Article says it is possible and shows two pictures of a canvas in several
      https://www.publishingblog.ch/responsive-exportieren-in-animate-cc/  German article explaining a little about the feature

      Attaching .fla files made in Animate CC or Tutorials on how to use this feature. would be a very big help.

      Thank you!