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    Can I render an mp4 over 4096px wide?

    luis feliped53890881

      Hello, everybody.


      My company started a project that demands us to create videos with 9600 x 1080 px for special screens in airports.

      The medias are pretty wide but we have some hardware limitation and it can't be too large. This demands that we work with mp4.


      An mp4 file (codec h264) with 10 seconds ended about 4Mb, but it was only 4096px max. To achieve the 9600px I tried the same video in mov but it was 132Mb in the end, which is heavier than we can use.


      I work with PC (Windows 7) and use After CS6. 

      Does someone know a way to solve this problem? Already gone through this?

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          H264 has a 4k resolution limit. but you can use any codec with decent compression. your size limit is a pretty heavy constraint. why does it have to be lower than 132MB? 9600x1080 is a lot of pixels. also - in my experience, the technical aspects for this kind of project (frame rate, codec, frame size, bit rate etc.) usually come from the client or the projection/technical team on site. why do you have to figure it out for yourself? haven't they done this before on this screen?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            H.264 has very specific frame size and frame rate specifications. They are standardized to allow the compression math to work. You have to work around using another codec or live with some black bars in your render.