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    full motion capture - recording a black screen

      Running into some issues with the full motion capture... I'm trying to capture a few screen shots of a single-sign-on agent. The prompt window I'm trying to capture appears only "outside" of the Windows environment. That is to say, the PrintScreen button on keyboard and Copy function do not work. So my only option is to use Captivate's full motion recording feature.

      This worked like a charm yesterday, but this morning all I get when I try, is a black screen. I can even see my mouse movement, and it captures the black screen for the entire length of time that I am recording, but I just see a black screen. Also, after I hit F9 to start the full motion capture today, the screen is no longer flicking, like it did yesterday.

      Any idea what might be causing this? Please help!!
      - Janet
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          Take a peek here:

          One of the symptoms listed in this document:
          Recorded slides appear black in Captivate and in the output.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Janet

            In case the process of obliterating the Captivate_v10.dat doesn't work (and it may not, since it's not a "cure all" as some would have you believe) you might want to try looking at the options for full motion capture. One of the options deals with enabling and disabling hardware acceleration. Click Options > Recording Options... > Full Motion Recording tab > Record at higher full motion capture rate for smoother movie.

            If this option is DE-selected, try selecting it and recording again. If it's selected, try DE-selecting and recording again.

            I'm not saying that the .DAT file isn't corrupt. So go ahead and try that too. I'm only saying it's not the end all solution for all problems Captivate.

            Cheers... Rick