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    What is the correct resolution?


      When I inspect (through Chrome) a type element from a web page, I can see that the font size is 19px. However, when I screen capture this and place it in Fireworks the type doesn't equate to 19px. In other words, when I use the type tool to type in the copy at the 19px size, it's much larger than the image I captured.


      The default resolution when I create a new FW doc is 120. So I thought it needed to be either 72 or 96, but neither of these resolve the issue -- neither with re-sampling or not re-sampling.


      I found a work around through a lot of trial-and-error by setting the resolution for a new document to be 150 and resampling the image. This seems to work OK, but is there any way FW can match the resolution of my screen capture in addition to the pixel dimensions?


      Thanks for any advice.