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    Why does it take forever for the signature block to load when I click "sign"? (plus many more issues)


      Note: Signatures are not the only issue I have. In general, Acrobat DC has behaved incredibly sensitive and glitchy to most normal operations (saving, file naming, saving as image, etc.) and tends to often result in "not responding" and crash. If I try saving as pdf then saving as image in one sitting, it 100% of the time will say "not responding" and crash.


      I've contacted my company's IT support to make sure Acrobat DC is fully installed properly with all updates.

      I've also had my company buy me a new (better) computer and ensure Acrobat DC is fully/properly installed and all licensing transferred. Specs below:


      old pc specs: Intel i3-2120, Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS, 16gb RAM (Windows 7 pro)

      new pc specs: Intel E5-1650 v4, Nvidia Quadro M4000, 32gb RAM (Windows 7 pro)


      Note: On the old pc, the signatures loaded instantly. The image below never appeared on the old pc, because the signature block loaded instantly. On my new (better) pc, the signature block takes forever to load. I counted 51 seconds to load the signature drop-down box latest attempt.


      In general, it seems many of the issues I had on the old pc (crashes and "not responding" messages when trying to save, rename, etc.) are all apparent on the new pc, some issues behaving even worse (and new issues appearing, such as slow signature block).