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    Lightroom 6.6.1 Randomly displays smart previews as blurry


      I have a MBP 15" (Late 2013) with a Nvidia GeForce GT750M 2048 Mb graphics card running on MOS 10.9.5 (latest updates) and I  use Lightroom 6.6.1 (latest updates). I shoot with a Nikon D500 (latest firmware). The files I use against Lightroom are Nikon RAW files. What is happening now is randomly I will be in Lightroom Developer module and I will be working on a picture and all is fine. I move on to the next picture (still in developer module) and the lower right "spinning symbol of death" starts (says something like "GPU is rendering" in the pop up hint). At this point my picture is blurry and absolutely unusable from an editing standpoint (too blurry). The only real fix is to close lightroom and go back into it. Sometime I can edit a few more pictures before this maddening process begins to repeat. I can go into preferences and disable "Use Graphics Processor" but navigation is so sluggish it is almost unusable as well.


      I can also switch over to Library module and pictures are sharp. Is there an issue around the D500 that anyone is aware of?