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    create.js being flagged by ad networks

    gerber914 Level 1

      I am still getting pushback from ad networks (DCM and Amazon) regarding the create.js javascript call used in the banners I am creating/publishing in Animate. I have tried using the standard link that Animate generates, have tried using the DCM hosted js they provide, and also just having it reside with the creative. (See screenshots below). Each time they are telling me having that js call is unacceptable. See the response i am getting from Amazon below. I have no idea why DCM is telling me even the hosted js links they host could cause problems. Is anyone else experiencing this?? Any idea how I can resolve this? I have a ton of Flash creatives to convert to HTML5 by year end.



      Response from Amazon Ad network...

      'code.createjs.com' is appearing on the scan results as a violation.“code.create.js" is a library that gets called when a creative loads which provides instructions on what the creative should do. It’s similar to pointing to a CSS file hosted somewhere instead of putting the code directly in the creative. Unfortunately we can’t whitelist this as it’s possible for the client to put in malicious code into this library which would cause issues on our end. If you see this appear, please instruct the client to remove this pixel and if they need it there for actions such as flash animation, that they need to write that code directly into the creative and not call on an external file which is causing “code.createjs.com” to appear.