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    Flash buttons with mouseout state

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to build a navigation sysytem like this:


      (the one running along the bottom of the page).

      The best I can do is here, though its not working properly:


      The flash file is here:


      I'm using the following action script:

      on (rollOver) {

      on (rollOut) {

      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.odysseyphotography.net");

      ..applied to an instance of the movie on the stage.

      There are a couple of issues:

      1) When you mouseover the button, the text moves downwards but doesn't remain in that position (like: http://www.bisazza.it/eng/index.html)

      2) If you move the mouse away then back again the movie restarts before finishing (resulting in jerky up and down movement)

      3) You have to get the mouse exactly over the text for it to work.. It'll be difficult to make it link to another page...

      Any assistance or links to a tutorial would be much appreciated!