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    Need a CLEAN uninstall of Digital Editions


      My problem does not go away after I uninstall (Revo Uninstaller that searches out leftovers) Digital Editions. After I re-install Digital Editions I get the same problem:

      * I can open Digital Edition (ADE)

      * Shows the normal title bar

      * I can select an known readable ePub file (can read on ADE on four other computers) but nothing happens.


      I've tried regressing to an earlier version, but i have the same issue. Something is not being removed and it's preventing ADE from working properly.

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          I have the same issue.

          People from Adobe keep telling to search the answer on forums.........


          Have you found an answer?

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            I think the real issue is that Adobe doesn't provide any kind of product support/help for ADE because it is free.  Yes, we may be able to find an answer to our problem with ADE in the forums, & it may work, for a while.  Then we are back to the same problem and trying to find another fix to get ADE to work properly again. 

            I have found that I am having a lot of issues since upgrading to Windows 10.

            What has worked for me this last time is from the ADE download page, don't download the latest version, scroll down & you will see that you can download ADE version 3.0.  It seems to be working for me. 

            It would appear that Adobe is aware of the large number of problems that people are having with the up to date versions of ADE & the fix is to go back to a version from 2014.