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    Alt/option button "stuck" in Develop module


      Hi Guys,


      I've an issue in Develop module where the Alt/option view function seem to occasionally latch on/stuck when editing. I use Alt/Option allot when messing with slider as  I find the option view be really useful for allot of the sliders and adjustment but I now and then find it to be stuck in that view when I pull another slider without holding the button. It's only visible when I hold the slider just as if I hold the button and goes out to normal view when i let go of the slider but it can still be quite annoying if i do not want that new for that adjustment. I have not found a reason or trigger for this and jamming the button a few times usually makes it go away until next time it stuck which can be 2 adjustments later or 20 pictures later. It's on both my iMac and Macbook Pro so its not the keyboard. I use a Wacom pro tablet on my iMac and thought that it might be the problem but now I noticed it on my MB as well where I rarely use the tablet. I run CC so everything should be up to date to the latest software and I can't really remembered when I noticed this the first time... Lived with it for a while but starting to get annoying...


      Googled it but not really found anything about it maybe I'm the only one? Someone else had this issue and maybe have a fix?


      Hope I made somewhat sense its late over here...


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          stefann65008407 Level 1

          I feel that this is getting worse... or its my patience that have run out completely with this.


          After using the "Alt/Opt" button while grabbing and slide the slider it is always latched on next time i hover over a slider and nudge/step it with the keyboard arrows. Seems fine if i grab the slider again but if i do as described above the screen flashes over to the "Alt/Opt" View. I'm not able to get rid of it any longer either so its terrible annoying. Feel like it slows up the computer as well as the screen flashes views as well as it is terrible annoying to wait for the screen to go back to normal to see the result...


          Anyone else experience this and hopefully have a fix for it?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            You more than likely have a problem with your keyboard. Try a different keyboard and if it is a notebook just connect a different keyboard and test.


            There is nothing in LR that would Lock the Alt or Option keys. Check the setting on your Mac for some type of Accessibility setting that could cause this.

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              stefann65008407 Level 1

              it is not the keyboard as it is not all functions in Lightroom that act this way. If you hold Alt/Opt the sliders and some other buttons will change to "reset" and that is not the case. When I have this problem I can still push the Alt/opt button without doing anything else and see the functions toggle between normal and reset so in that aspect Lightroom does not think the alt/opt button is pressed but if I nudge a slider it acts like it is. And as I mentioned same on both the iMac and MacBook.