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    Duplicates with odd file extensions


      Recently my main HDD started to fail, I moved all my files onto a secondary internal HDD before it failed completely. I also have an external WD Passport that backs up my LR files daily. I was checking the two against each other to make sure I hadn't lost anything and noticed the folder on the Passport drive had almost 200 more GB of information on it than my original folder from my failing HDD. I checked every folder and file against each other yesterday, I hadn't lost anything, but I seem to have gained some.  The Passport drive has duplicates of many of the files with an odd extension on the duplicate. These files are from an Olympus E330, I recently switched to a Canon 60D. Until I started shooting with the Canon, I converted all my files to the DNG format, so there shouldn't be any sidecar files.


      Here's a grab from one of the Passports folders.



      Is this something LR does or is it something the WD Passport is doing? I couldn't find anything on this after searching the web last night, so I decided on asking the experts out there. I'd like to delete the duplicates to save on space, but I don't want to mess something up. I've never seen extensions with the 'at' symbol before.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          It is nothing LR is doing. LR doesn't make temp files of image files like some other image editing programs do or like MS Office programs do.

          None of the ones in your screen shot have a file extension (Or you have chosen to leave the the option to Show File Extensions turned off).

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            PhotoFord54 Level 1

            I was pretty sure that was the case, as I've never seen this before and I've been using LR for a few years now. Maybe extension isn't the word I'm looking for..... What are all the numbers and letters after the file name on the duplicates? None of the other files that back up to the Passport drive have this, only the LR files.


            I am curious if I can delete these files, or if they have a function of some kind that is critical to the original, or do I have some type of Bot or something. I've scanned with Norton and Malewarebytes Premium just in case and they found nothing. I'm just really curious as to what would cause the duplicates with the @ sign.


            Thanks again.