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    Lightroom deleted files (permanently) while moving them


      Today while routinely moving some files and organizing I noticed one of the file I had just moved showed up as a missing file.  I had looked at and worked with these photos before moving, so I know they were there.  I had not deleted from Lightroom or my hard drive.   Files were being moved within Lightroom and then were gone.


      I searched everywhere on my computer and external drive and they are NOT there!  Silly me, it was a recent shoot and I had not yet made a backup.


      So, I called Adobe customer service. USELESS. Had no constructive options for troubleshooting.  Basically, anyone with basic computer skills could have done what they were attempting to do, and done it better.  I had already searched computer, trash, hard drive etc. the files do not exist.  I needed options for retrieving the files. 

      All the support guy could say, and it was a supervisor at this point, was that "Lightroom does not delete photos."  Have you read the forums?!?!?!!!  How bold to say that it could never happen, or has never happened!  How about trying to solve the issue.  Upon my own research I found a way to extract my previews, however only about 20% of them are salvageable. The support guy could have asked me if I had 1:1 previews and then suggested that I extract these as they would be a viable file.  He didn't even know that was an option.  His exact words were "Tell me where your files are and I will show you how to recover them."  If I knew where they were I wouldn't be looking for them!!  Customer support was completely useless. The WORST customer service experience I have ever dealt with.


      As for Adobe...this is a crime.  You are charging A LOT of money for your products and do not offer the support for these products. If you had people answering the phones that actually understood the product and spoke english, your customers would have half a chance of reconciling their issues.


      I have searched my computer and hard drive for the missing files. I have attempted to extract the salvageable previews with some success.  I am recovering files from my hard drive in hopes they may show up there. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Frustrated Customer.