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    does this refer to level?

    riichieg Level 1

      The following is part of over and release states



      Can anyone tell by looking at this what the l1 and l2 could possibly be? are they levels, labels or mc? Thanks
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          blemmo Level 1
          These are MCs, because _parent always refers to an MC. Therefore l1 and l2 must be some objects attached to an MC, so levels are out. Only MCs, or subclasses of MC, have a gotoAndPlay() method, so this must be MCs themselves. Logically

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            riichieg Level 1
            You're correct. I deleted those lines from the code and found out what they were controlling. They are mc's but I cant find where they are labeled l1 and l2 for the life of me! If I can find those labels, ill be able to include an effect. Thanks blemmo!
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              Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
              Use the Movie Explorer (Alt+F3) to find instances of movie clips.
              If you have a very large and unhandy fla (as for instance if you've bought a template ;-) klick the rightmost button in the Movie Explorer's toolbar to open the Movie Explorer Settings and deselect everything except movieClips.
              Good luck