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    Flash CS6 Pencil and Line tool not working properly?

    Xexal Seyer

      Hello! My apologies if this is posted to the wrong place, I am not very good with forums. I also replied to a forum post from 2013 that seemed to have a similar issue to me, if by chance my actions are against any kind of forum rules or regulations, I am very sorry.



      I desperately need some help though. This problem started last night, as I was working on some art. For some reason unknown to me, my pencil tool is very jagged--and my line tool acts like its on a strange grid. I have been using Flash since 2010. Although, I'm not very good with the technical side. I was first introduced to Flash back in my highschool animation class days, and that version of it was pretty old I think. It was still named "Macromedia".


      I eventually picked up CS6 in 2013, and have been using it since--for art mainly. I keep telling myself every year, "buy a book on AS already! Learn coding already!", but it's so daunting. Though I suppose that's besides the point.



      Point is, I'm an amateur. I don't understand what I did to mess up my pencil and line tools, and I would very much like some help. I recorded a video showcasing the problem. What's the most bizarre about my problem is that, My pencil and line tools work just fine in my older files.  (*From a day or two ago) It's only further confused me.


      If by chance you can help me, I'd be extremely grateful! I was in the middle of a serious project--and this has become quite the hindrance.