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    Configuring Coldfusion for heavy load application


      I have a project which can be considered as a heavy load application. I have bought 3 primary server and 3 back up server from Amazon , primary is of 32 cup with 244 gb ram and Secondary  server with 16 cpu with 122 gb ram . Can someone suggest to do the Coldfusion tuning because now the Coldfusion server is not listening when load is increasing, please advise

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          You could do well to make adjustments to default install CF settings.

          CFadmin > Server Settings > Java and JVM for Minimum and Maximum JVM Heap Size plus JVM Arguments variables.


          What values to use? That can best be determined by doing some monitoring via recording a Java log file or enable JMX then use JDK tools like JMC.


          Not to be overlooked with CF performance is tomcat tuning. Has CF tomcat tuning been applied by editing server.xml and workers.properties?


          HTH, Carl.