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    Desktop AIR Debug Launcher window size problem

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      I'm developping an app for mobiles in 1080x1920px format.

      When I select as a target "AIR for Android" and I launch the ADL, the player window doesn't appear in the expected size.

      Instead, it appears in a weird ratio, close to 1:1.


      I work on a Windows 10 machine, with a 1920x1200 screen resolution, I use Animate CC.


      Here are two screenshots:

      Picture #1 (If I launch the SWF file in a flash player, it opens in the right specified size and ratio): 01 - Flash Player.jpg

      Picture #2 (In Animate, the ADL window opens in a weird aspect ratio): 02 - ADL (Android).jpg


      What am I missing?


      Thanks a lot!!



      * The ADL window is not resizable.

      * I had no such problem on CS6

      * If the moderators reject this post, please let me know the reason.



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          Djwaas Level 1

          Here's so far what I came up with, in case someone encounters the same problem as me:


          I set the output animation at 540x960px (so half my target dimensions I intend to use for my APK or IPA).

          This way, the ADL window appears in the correct ratio.

          I'm not entirely sure about the reason, but I think when either the width or height of the animation exceeds the screen limits, you lose your targeted ratio.

          Another explantation: either my system (W10), or my graphic card or Animate CC "reads" incorrectly my screen resolution (1920x1200), when I launch the ADL.

          It could also be a resolution issue (dpi).


          By the way, for some apps, I can resize the ADL window, and for others, I can't.. Although I set the resizable variable to "true" in all app manifests.

          Anyone knows why?


          Thank you!

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