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    My projects asset files are not loading

    zBernie Level 1

      I have a Premiere Elements 13 project that contained numerous home videos.  When I load the project now, there are no videos loaded in the project.  I get a dialog box that pops up asking where the movies are.  I believe the problem was caused when I renamed the volume of the external USB drive that the videos resided on.  There were dozens of video files in the projects, in various directories.  Is it possible to tell the project where these video files are located?


      I know that Premiere Elements Pro does this, but I'm just a casual user, and don't want to upgrade.


      Here are all the files in my project directory:


      bernie@MacBook:~/Movies/Premiere Elements Movie Projects/Bernard III Video Highlights-2014> tree


      ├── Adobe\ Premiere\ Elements\ Preview\ Files

      │   └── Bernard\ III\ Video\ Highlights\ -\ 2014.PRV

      ├── Bernard\ III\ Video\ Highlights\ -\ 2014.prel

      ├── Encoded\ Files

      │   └── Bernard\ III\ Video\ Highlights\ -\ 2014.prel

      └── Layouts

          └── Bernard\ III\ Video\ Highlights\ -\ 2014_Editing.layout13


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