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    PE 14 Saving and Sharing


      I created a 22 minute video on Adobe Premier Elements 14. I'm trying to share it to my YouTube channel, but I'm understanding now that it must be less than 15 min long to do that within the program. So, I am now trying to save the video as an mp4, but it keeps giving me error messages and it's saying it's 1 hr, 36 min long.  I went through and made sure there was no content beyond the end of my video. My questions are: how do I get rid of the excess video showing past the 22 min? How do I effectively save it to my macbook so I can then share that file to YouTube?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          With your project open, press the \ key (above the Enter/Return key) on your keyboard. This will zoom your timeline to display your whole movie on your timeline.


          Does it only show you 22 minute movie or does it show you an extra hour of "blank" space beyond the end of your movie?


          If you are seeing lots of empty space beyond the end of your movie, then you have some stray frames or clips floating out there. Click and drag over that empty space to snag any free frames and then press Delete on your keyboard. Then press the \ key again. When your timeline shows only your movie without all the extra space, then you've gotten rid of all the extra junk that's artificially inflating the size of your movie.

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            stephaniec92002749 Level 1

            Ok I worked on that last night and when trying to click and drag the empty space there is no option for delete and it won't effectively get rid of the space. Also, when trying to save the file as any other extension ( tried mp4 and mov) it keeps saying unknown error after about ten minutes. Any ideas why?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Let's stay with one issue at a time, Stephanie.


              You say you haven't been able to remove the extra space in your video? Have you dragged across all tracks, including the upper tracks that may not be visible unless you scroll up to them?


              Can you post a screen capture of your timeline when you set it to \ (view whole movie)? Maybe we can see something you can't.