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    Lightroom Adjustments Settings Lost after Edit in Photoshop

    mortazar78460203 Level 1



      I have been using Lightroom for a few weeks now. Recently, I have come across a problem that seems to bother me more and more every time.


      Here's an example of my workflow that demonstrates my problem.


      1. I open my .NEF file in Lightroom

      2. I make some adjustments

      3. I open the adjusted photo in Photoshop.

      4. I use the spot healing tool, pen tool, etc.

      5. I save the file and go back to Lightroom.

      6. Lightroom creates a .tif file with the PS edits.

      7. I open the new file with PS edit in LR develop mode

      8. My initial LR settings are gone. The changes are visible, however the settings are gone. For example, I make have used the adjustment brush to brush the face for very specific adjustments, now these settings have disappeared.


      For example, if I have used the adjustment brush on the face, go to photoshop, do some edits, come back to lightroom, and realised I'm not happy with the initial adjustments on the face, the settings are gone. So I either have to make the new adjustments in the original lightroom file and make the same edits again in PS or I have to reselect the specific area using the adjustment brush in lightroom. These can be a great hassle if I have to switch back and forth between photoshop and lightroom.


      Is there a way for me to maintain my setting when switching back from photoshop to lightroom?