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    Will other stylus pens work with adobe apps in future?


      I just recently gotten an iPad Pro and a Adonit Pixel stylus. After much research I was lead to believe that this stylus would work flawlessly with the adobe apps, such as Sketch and Draw, but I have recently discovered otherwise.

      Upon finally receiving my stylus, I have learnt that while this particular model will work with these apps on other models of iPads and tablets, it is incompatible with the iPad Pro. 

      Living in Australia, technology is expensive as it is. Not to mention limited. The only two stylus' I was able to choose from was the Adonit Pixel and the Apple Pencil. The reason why I declined on the Pencil was it is incompatible with other devices, and will ONLY work with an iPad pro. Where the Pixel will work with a range of devices.
      Will the Adobe apps for smart devices ever be updated to recognize other stylus' on the iPad Pro, or will we be forced to cough up the obscene amount of money for the Apple Pencil?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          It's possible/probable that we won't be incorporating third-party stylus support in our drawing apps for iPad Pro. But, that's not a forgone conclusion yet; it's going to continue to depend on feedback from customers (although we received a lot of comments/requests when iPad Pro and Pencil were first introduced, they've decreased significantly since more and more people have used Apple's Pencil).


          I will most definitely pass your comments on to the team because it's not been determined that we won't be supporting third-party styluses at all and you've provided some valid reasons why we should continue to consider it.


          I don't know whether that information helps much but it's all I know at this point.