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    Audio will not stop conforming - Cannot conform audio past 57%




      I've lost my mind over this. I've tried deleting CFA and PEK files, moving locations of media, and checking all my preferences.


      I worked on it for about a half hour and then audio started to not work, then come back, then not work. I realized at the bottom it kept saying trying to conform. Then it would stop at 57%. I deleted project assets, reuploaded, exported (which gave no audio whatsoever).


      It's only and .mp4 file that I captured on my PC through the Xbox One App. I've done several projects with the same files, never changing any setting. This apparently just won't work now. I'll continue to troubleshoot, but I've read every page on codecs and conforming. I can't find an answer anywhere.


      Thanks for all the help!