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    Flash CS6 Crashes shortly after opening Animate CC fla file.


      Hi, and I appreciate any and all help! I'll go through it step by step, in case any of it is important. 


      I'm on a Mac, Yosemite. I'm using Flash CS6. I've downloaded a Flash file from work, where I use Animate CC. CS6 can open the fla fine, it's just when I start working, it very quickly crashes. First, the cursor will stop affecting the timeline, etc. If I click nothing, nothing will happen as the CPU load will have risen to 102.5 or so. If I click anywhere in the window, the rainbow wheel will appear and the application will read as "not responding". CPU load shoots up higher. This hasn't always been an issue, but now it happens every time I try to work. This does not seem to happen with fla's I started in CS6, though even when I have enough time while in the CC fla to save as a CS6 doc, the problem persists. 


      Some of the error report:


      Crashed Thread: 21 Java VM Thread

      Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)



      And here's what looks like the anomaly: 

      Thread 21 Crashed:: Java: VM Thread

      0   com.adobe.flash                   0x0020069b CDCImpl::CDCImpl() + 2233

      1   com.adobe.flash                   0x00200b49 CDCImpl::CDCImpl() + 3431

      2   com.adobe.flash                   0x0082c346 CDialog::GetRuntimeClass() const + 6340

      3   com.adobe.flash                   0x0036b4b8 std::deque<CSketchSWFHistory, std::allocator<CSketchSWFHistory> >::resize(unsigned long, CSketchSWFHistory) + 55604


      It seems that line 21, java: VM has something to do with it? I've already tried reinstalling the entire production suite. 


      Again, I appreciate any help!