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    Unauthorised copy of my personal payment details.


      I am currently living with others and using their home computer to do a range of things! I recently found a file under my name in documents and another in my name as a PDF in Adobe Acrobat XI, on this computer. I have not worked with computers for over 20+yrs, so I'm learning as I go about the different systems, hardware, etc. As I know I didn't create a pdf in the Adobe Acrobat XI program on this computer, I opened the pdf. To my horror it contained a scanned copy of not only my personal details (full name, birthdate, etc), but my income payment details. As i have recently discovered unauthorised activity in my bank accounts occurring online, which is being investigated by the relevant authorities. I reported this find and the investigating bodies made copies of these files. I was then told to remove tall of these from the computer I found them on. I have absolutely no idea how to remove/delete these pdf files under my name from this computer, as I have never used any of Adobe's programs before.  As this computer is set-up with google chrome as the browser and has all passwords saved under google saved passwords, I have removed all of my personal and business accounts (email, banking, etc),  along with all of my files I had created. This pdf, which I didn't create in my name which contains many personal details & my income payment details, is the last thing that I must remove/delete from this computer~ I desperately need to do this as soon as possible. Can anyone help me to do this, please?..... because as I've already mentioned, I have no idea how to do so!! Thanks, Lisa-Jayne.(Adobe User ID:lisa-jayne37690357.)

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ask the computer owner for help.

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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Deleting PDF files is like deleting any other file on the computer. You just need to locate where it's saved on the local machine (if you don't know how to do that open the file and then go to File - Properties - Description and look under Location. You can even click the path that appears there and the folder will open, but you will need to close the PDF file first before you could delete it).

            Make sure you delete the file by clicking Shift+Delete, to prevent it from being sent to the Recycle Bin instead of actually deleting it.


            Another issue might be if the files were also saved to the Adobe Cloud. If that's the case you'll need to delete them from there as well.

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              lisa-jaynem37690357 Level 1

              To Bernd Alheit,                                                                                                                                               Thank You, not only for your advice on how to rectify my problem, with the unwanted pdf, but for taking the time to reply! I can't ask the owner for help in removing it from their home computer, as she may be the one who created it!...presently, 4 of us are currently residing in a flat  & there is only 1 computer that we all access at different times for a variety of reasons. All I know is that myself and my fiance didn't do this, but I hope that after reading your suggestions i'm able to remove the pdf from this computer.  I will be sure to let you know if your suggestions have worked.                                                                                 Thanks again, Lisa-Jayne.