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    Files / folders missing.


      Hi everyone.

      This morning i've noticed that several of my latest imports have  disappeared from my left hand side folders list- including an import from yesterday.

      I can see the files of my latest import using the 'previous import ' tab. And i can see all the missing files when i click on Catalog>all photographs.

      I'm not sure exactly how these files disappeared from my folders list, however if anyone can suggest how to return them to my folders list i'd be most grateful.

      thanks in advance Bernard


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          dj_paige Level 10

          Here is my GUESS


          You accidentally imported the photos using the COPY option and the photos wound up in a folder you are not expecting. Go to the Previous Import tab, then right-click on one of the photos and select Go to Folder in Library. This will highlight the folder that the photos are actually located in, according to Lightroom. Then, to fix the problem, you could (in Lightroom) right click on the folder, select Update Folder Location, and then point Lightroom to the folder you think the photos should be in.