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    Lightroom with 2 GPUs (Nvidia+Intel) crashing




      I am running lightroom on a powerful dell laptop I7, windows 8.1

      The laptop came with 2 GPUs.


      The problem is from day 1, all nvidia driver settings are set to ALWAYS use nvidia and not the intel hd.


      When taking picture with the camera directly into lightroom it crashes - Intel HD graphics driver crashes.


      I tried numerous things, disabled intel hd (but that caused photoshop not to run, so i turned it back on).

      updates drivers to latest.

      lightroom is updated to latest.

      trying multiple configuration options

      been to the GPU FAQ, no help there.


      nothing works.


      Please help ASAP! I can't work like this!

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your laptop TFT is probably tied to the Intel HD graphics path. What if you deactivate the Nvidia, what happens then?

          On most laptops the dedicated graphic card is used for external displays only - or if set in ATI/Nvidia control panel to beused as GPU for applications also.

          What is the type of the Nvidia GPU? If it's not a real powerful one, I'd not care too much about it, also depending on the resolution of the TFT.