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    Use a photo in a movie by special effects


      Hello guys!


      Please first have a look to this 8 second video:



      Now I need to use this photo:



      in this 8 second video. When the camera turns to show the front and out side of the car I want use the photo but with transparency (I want dissolve), user should be able still to see the background (which is outside) and photo together. Also It's very important to have a perspective photo by changing the angles or any part of photo.


      The final result I need is something like this:



      But I need it dynamic, perspective (like the sample). It should be autistic.


      The only thing I need is a clue from you! Where and how can I do this? You give me a clue and I try to do this myself. By which effect, plugin or solution i can do this?



      Kind Regards


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