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    Graphic card / driver issues

      I am attemping to record a training video for 3dsmax 8 using captivate. Both applications launch just fine, however as soon as I begin working in 3d my screen goes black and my monitor flickers. When it comes back I have no display in my 3d viewports. When I restart 3dsmax says it cannot find a 3d card. Somehow, my hardware acceleration gets turned off. It apperas to be just this combinatio as other 3d programs work just fine.

      Anyone else experience problems like this?

      I have updated my graphics drivers, 3dsmax and windows.

      Driving me nuts!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Tyler

          You might check the following setting in Captivate. Click Options > Recording Options... > Full Motion Recording tab and see if you have a check mark in the "Record at higher full motion capture rate for smoother movie". If not, try clicking to place one there and see how it goes. If one was already there, try DE-Selecting the option and see how it goes.

          If neither setting seems to help, I'm at a bit of a loss as to advise what to try next. Maybe someone else has some ideas about other things to try.

          Cheers... Rick