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    Merged Pano not importing into Lightroom

    kiel rucker

      I've been trying to figure this one out for a while with limited success.  It's been an issue for a few months now.  Shooting a 5Dmkiii, trying to merge relatively large numbers of photos into multi-row panoramics.  Running a MacPro with 32gb RAM, 500GB SSD harddrive with about 80GB free space.


      After most recent update (a couple of days ago), photo-merge worked fine for 3 or for merges, but now it's not working again.


      The Issue:

      Afree selecting images of like to merger I see the preview and click merge.  Before the progress bar finished I get an error message saying "unable to import merged photo into lightroom" and whem I search for the merged image its nowhere to be found. from what ice found in the forums and elsewhere, it sounds like a memory issue. But with 32GB of ram?? Where/how do I need to free up space to see if this is the actual issue? And if it's not the issue, what might it be?


      Thank you to anyone who has time to give this a minute!