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    No password protection pop up in Acrobat 11.0.17 update

    bossombritto Level 1


      We use Microsoft certificate services internally for signing internal .pdf documents using internal digital certificates and we have the enforced password protection to the certificate keys through registry keys "PrivateKeyLifetimeSeconds" and "ForceKeyProtection" entries to pop up for password everytime a user signs , since this is a CFR 21 part 11  requirement. This was and is all working fine untill 11.0.16,,  a few systems got the update of 11.0.17 and it seems like something with Acrobat is overwritting and caching the password such that it no longer asking for a password after you sign using the digital certificate the first time untill you close the application altogether.


      Any guidance to point out this fix or if Adobe can take a note of this as a bug and get it fixed please ? Since this works fine in versions 11.0.16 and below.