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    <ext-link> XML tag causes export to Incopy to freeze


      I'm prepping an article for export to NLM-DTD 2.3 XML and have discovered  when I export the story to InCopy, it freezes in the middle of the export. I have to force quit InDesign and when I get back in, I can see a new icml file has been generated and linked to my text. Unfortunately, when I try to check out or update the link, I get message telling me it isn't linked to a valid icml file.


      None of the other XML tags seem to cause any issues, just the <ext-link> tag. Is there any way around this or do I just need to wait until they fix this bug?




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          Will-CalAg Level 1

          I just discovered that the problem was caused by using the <ext-link> tag on text that has been hyperlinked. I removed the hyperlink, then tagged to text with the <ext-link> tag and had no problem exporting to InCopy from InDesign.


          To test further, I Checked Out the text and I added a hyperlink to the <ext-link> tagged text. I had no problem checking the text back in. Maybe it is the order in which they are applied? XML tag first, then hyperlink.