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    Flex form blackout issue



      I am experiencing Flex form black out issue in my project  [Desktop App  C# & Flex Forms] after opening multiple child windows with flex forms.

      While investigating this issue using memory profilier I found this is happening due to memory leaks. While closing child windows memory is not getting released completely even after waiting for few mins.


      To narrow down the issue I have created a very simple light weight desktop app which launches child winform with blank Flex from the parent form button click.

      While closing child window I am properly disposing objects (axshockwaveFlashPlayer and proxy) and handles then also I see the memory keeps increasing for each child window and remain constant even after closing all the child windows.

      I have also tried to dispose objects at flex end while closing child window but no luck.


      As per the DebugDiag profiler analysis report,

      \Flash32_22_0_0_209.ocx is responsible for 138.44 Mbytes with 95% leak probability.


      However, I don’t find any option to release memory while closing a child form.


      Can anyone suggest what else can be done to resolve this issue.


      I am using Flash player version