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    With Mercury Playback engine on, timeline is slow


      Machine Specs below....with the Mercury Playback engine enabled, I get picture on my client monitor through an AJA IO Xpress BUT my timeline is very sticky.  There's a significant lag when hitting play or stop....probably a couple of seconds.  It's very annoying!  If I turn the mercury playback engine OFF, the timeline lag disappears but of course I have no client monitor.


      Has anyone found a fix or is this a problem that people are living with?  It drives me crazy so I've started working without a client monitor.


      2009 Mac Pro 8 Core

      64gb RAM

      SSD OS Drive

      SSD Project Drive

      GTX680 Graphics Card

      AJA IO Xpress

      Hardware controlled RAID 5 for media

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          i think there are some older posts with other folks having playback problems with aja devices, so looking into other devices like in your other thread may be a valid way to fix it. depending on what you need from an i/o device, some of the pcie add-in-cards from blackmagic are much cheaper than the ultrastudio 4k extreme/dnxio, even if just to test out.


          if you disable or remove the aja software/hardware it should help determine if its a aja + premiere mercury playback problem or if its only a premiere mercury playback problem. something else you might try is to install the nvidia web driver and try cuda vs opencl mercury playback acceleration.


          some other forums such as creativecow, blackmagic or avid may have more help on the aja/premiere problem and/or info about the bm/avid dnxio.