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    Multipage to speed up loading?

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      I made an entire website in animated edge. A total of 6 pages and each page has animations.

      6 pages are displayed and hidden through the exhibition and hide display  when the called pages from the menu.

      I thought that being all the site on a single page, this obviously creates the heaviness of the load.

      The total weight of the site not is high, it is only 90MB.

      It 'a site resizable (%) and fixed-page, ie without side bars for scrolling.


      I made a first test on the test server, but slow loading.

      So I tweaked all the pictures, audio and videos, I recovered a few seconds of loading speed, but times are still too long.


      I did a lot of research to try to improve the situation, and I've discovered that you could create a single page (so in my case 6 separate pages) and recall them with div html code, but all links of the examples I found, not work and very little I understand about how we do.


      I can easily create each separate page, but then I have no idea how to bring up the other page?

      Example with an image for you to be as clear as possible:




      by index.an project how do I call the contact page when you click on the contact button? What are the codes to use and where to place them?


      Can someone please help me to improve my situation slow loading? Thank you

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          SanchezMusics Level 1

          Hello, please can you give some help perhaps with a small example? Thank you very much

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            SanchezMusics Level 1

            I explain well what I would get for making sure that the site is faster in loading pages.


            I split the site in this way:




            within each folder there are files that are used only for that particular page.

            The pages I exported with the public command ---> web then inside each folder for publication, I have these files:


            home (index.html):


            chi siamo (chi siamo.html):





            Since all that stage they were called same way, I renamed them as follows:




            In conclusion:

            from the research I did, I realized that i have to create a home page esempio.html with type folders as well:


            and .xml files within the different folders that recall the various stages and the various pages right?

            I made many trials, following this debate which I found: Bug. Can't put two Edge Animate animations on same page but it never works. I definitely have that are not capable of doing it and change the right voices. I would be really happy if someone wants to devote 5 minutes of your time to help me, maybe with a practical example would be the top.


            Thank you.

            God bless you.