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    LR mobile cannot upload local stored photos

    alexm99700478 Level 1



      I have problems with Photos sync (upload) from the latest Lightroom Mobile. I'm traveling (iPad & iPhone only) and cannot upload any photos (both Raws using iPad and iPhone JPGs using iPhone). It's very slow and keeps saying all the time "Uploading ... 21 Pending". Connection upload speed is about 3 - 5MBs. The problem is both with JPGs from iPhone and RAWs from iPad. I'm using Lightroom mobile workflow for the first time and I hopped that I will be able to upload both iPhone JPGs and DSLR Raws to one place when traveling but unf it doesn't work


      BTW: Is there any possibility to sync in the background when the phone is locked or using other apps? I haven't seen refresh in background option activated in iOS for Lightroom.