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    C4 InDesign 2009 Mac: Not all PShop clipping paths work

    KAM2009 Level 1

      Is there an explanation and resolution to a clipping path not working in InDesign on an imported TIF (or JPG, for that matter) when (all) other clipping paths (for all other linked files) are working?


      I am relinking files to a 60-page product catalog using CS4 versions of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator on a 2009 Mac for my current employer. (Otherwise, I am CC on a custom-built Win10 machine.) Starting with 716 broken links in the document, I have recovered enough linked files so far that I am down to 101 broken links. One particular TIF file isn't demonstrating its clipping path when imported from PShop to InDesign. I've check/changed clipping path flatness on the "Save As" TIF file I created; the original JPG does the same thing. I'm bafflled.